About Pete Walcott

Hi, Pete here. I started my working life as a timber shipwright and boat builder in 1976. As a passionate wood worker and musician it was my destiny to be a guitar builder .

 I have always worked on my own instruments, as well as my friends, and then their friends and so on . 

In 2009 I made my first acoustic guitar and it turned out great. After making guitars for my friends, others started ordering instruments and Walcott Guitars was born!

I worked at TAFE as a teacher for 10 years, so helping people achieve their dreams and goals is also a passion of mine. The 'Build your Own Guitar Workshop' was a natural progression.

Our workshops are a bit different to others. The student works one on one with me in my workshop as if they are my apprentice. Not only do they build a wonderful instrument that is full of their own passion and energy, but they also experience the day to day operations of my repair shop as well.

As an active surfer and sailor, I am in touch with the positive energy that surrounds us. Music is the same for me.

I only build a guitar as ordered from a customer, (no spec guitars ), so my passion, love and energy goes into the build of that guitar for that person and that person only.

A guitar that has been built with love and passion will always feel right and play amazing compared with one that has been punched out of a production factory and hung on the wall of a music store.

Yours sincerely,




Here is a short doco about me with some video of me in my workshop.