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Ben Love

I commissioned Pete for a custom build of an OM acoustic guitar and I am extremely pleased with the results. Pete worked with me along the entire journey. He was open to all of my specific requirements while making valuable suggestions based on his years of experience. My Walcott custom stands alongside the elite brands you see in any guitar store or online, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone considering a custom guitar.

Maggie Good

I can’t find enough good words to say about the work of luthier Pete Walcott. From the first meeting he impressed me. Pete willingly and generously gave me all the time I needed to discuss options, explain processes, look at timbers, fittings, electronics and all the other details that go into crafting a fine instrument. His experience as both a luthier and a musician made the advice and information he gave me very valuable. I was included in every process so that the guitar was truly crafted to suit my needs. The neck he carved feels like it’s a part of me, it fits my hand perfectly.  Every component of the guitar has been constructed with skill, attention to detail, great care and always with me and what I wanted in mind. It’s obvious that he has a genuine love for what he does. Pete is not only an exceptionally good luthier, he is also a man of integrity.  He listened to what I wanted and delivered it 110%. My beautiful custom-built guitar is truly a dream come true. It has surpassed my expectations. Thankyou Pete.


Andrew Hobler

Once again, Pete went way beyond expectations to get my guitar playing great.

Did the service you received meet your expectations?: Far exceeded my expectations. The nut slots had been cut too low by a previous owner and there was buzz on the first fret. Pete expertly cut and glued a thin timber shim (unnoticeable) under the nut and said that if I wasn't happy with the result he would fit a new nut. So far, it is fine. Intonation and radius were also out of whack and he adjusted these. (Not as straightforward as it sounds!) I would recommend Pete's work without reservation. He takes care of all of my guitars as though they were his own and always does a great job. Thanks Pete!. Andrew Hobler

Godin xtSA

I had the excitement of asking Pete to build me a Gypsy Jazz guitar. I purchased plans and we chose parts, timber and pickup. Pete made a jig and had to fashion things quite differently to make this design. Jigs, rosettes and bracing are all quite different. He spent a lot of time studying the plans and thinking about his approach. He consulted me regularly throughout the process and I couldn't be more pleased with it. It is beautiful to play, has a great sound (both unplugged and into a PA) and looks fantastic!

A custom guitar is worth every cent. Don't just take my word for it though! Talk to Pete about what you need. There are photos on the 'Gallery' page.

Thanks so much for the care and love you put into this guitar Pete. I'm so thrilled with the result.

Andrew Hobler

Dan Munn 06/08/2018

 When I first saw one of Pete Walcott’s OM acoustic guitars hanging on a wall at a guitar building expo I was instantly drawn to the simplicity of the design and brilliant craftsmanship. But when I picked it up and played it, it was like no other instrument I had ever played. It felt so comfortable, like an old pair of shoes and the sound was just so warm and articulate. I was instantly sold and so Pete and I met and sat down to design a similar guitar made for just me.

 Pete was just so knowledgeable, he took onboard what I wanted while offering suggestions which I never thought of, all of which I adopted. Every step of the way Pete sent me pictures and updates and I had chance to visit his workshop as many times as I wanted.

 The end result was a Guitar that absolutely captured the sound that has always been in my head but never could quite achieve. The Guitar is now part of me and I could never part with it.

 I now gig with this Guitar every week, people always come up to me and ask how I get that sound. I just tell them to talk to Pete! The Guitar hardly ever needs a tune and sounds amazing every time I plug it in.

 Pete’s a top bloke to deal with, his craftsmanship and ability to just “get” what you are looking for makes him one if the best luthiers around, but above all Pete’s passion for music and craftsmanship resonate throughout every part of the guitar.

 I just don’t highly recommend Pete Walcott, I insist that you should have a Guitar built by him! 

 Dan Munn

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