Build Your Own

Imagine the thrill of owning and playing a guitar that you have built yourself. It is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things you can do.

Pete Walcott is a qualified and experienced TAFE teacher with long experience in woodworking and guitars.

He can help you choose a model to build, the correct timbers and hardware. He will advise and guide you on the details that make the instrument sound, look and play the way you want it to.

Pete will oversee the process in his workshop and you can watch him work in various aspects of guitar building (luthiery) and repair.

When you perform a song on the guitar you have built, the feeling is like no other.

Walcott guitars feel good and play great because of the love and care that goes into each instrument.

Contact Pete using the form below for pricing, further details and any pre-requisite skills you require and he will respond as soon as possible!

Do it yourself and reap the rewards!

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